If you've contacted our customer service team or backed one of our Kickstarters, chances are you've connected with our lovely customer service extraordinaire Brooke Lautz.
We love a smart Kickstarter. Check out a handful of projects you'll want to back now.
Gina Doctor, who's been with LUNATIK since the day before the first Kickstarter launch, knows a thing or two about shaping a brand from the ground up.
Introducing Product Development Manager extraordinaire Gillian Rode.

reviews FLAK Jacket

The Flak Jacket is a great Mother/Father’s day gift. It comes in Pink, Mint, and Black. There’s a colour that will work for anybody.


LUNATIK TAKTIK Extreme iPhone 5 Features

One of the greatest challenges for any business operating on a small marketing budget is figuring out how to turn buzz into sales, and fans into a sales force.

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