Disadvantages of iPhones Compared to Android Phones

Disadvantages of iPhones Compared to Android Phones

Behind the many advantages of iPhone, it turns out that there are also disadvantages of iPhones compared to Android phones. What are the shortcomings of iPhone compared to Android?

1. Prices are much more expensive

The reason the selling price of a used iPhone is high is because the initial sale price of a new iPhone is very high. Even with the same specifications we can buy an Android cellphone at a price that is 2 or 4 times cheaper. The price issue is why the Sultan places some of the latest iPhone products on the list of the most expensive cellphones in Indonesia. The price is expensive because of the brand image that wants this product to be placed as a premium class product. In addition, advertising and research and development costs are the reasons why the iPhone is expensive.

2. Do not Have External Memory Slots

Starting from the first generation iPhones to the latest, all of them do not have external memory slots. The addition of an external memory slot is of course very important for its function to increase the internal storage capacity of the famously small iPhone. External memory on Android phones used to store large data that has nothing to do with the system; such as photos, videos, and music.

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3. Uncustomized UI appearance

The iOS operating system interface on the iPhone tends to be monotonous. IPhone users cannot freely customize the appearance of the iPhone UI like on Android. For some people this is not a problem, but still because many things are limited, you cannot customize your iPhone according to your style and personality.

4. Smaller Battery Capacity

Although there are many advantages of the iPhone; the drawback is problem of battery capacity. Just imagine the highest type of iPhone at this time; the iPhone X equipped with a 3174 mAh battery. The small battery capacity certainly makes it difficult for those of you who have high intensity when using a cellphone. The small battery capacity also makes it difficult for you to disconnect from the cellphone charger.


The Vodafone Company

The Vodafone Company

The Vodafone Company, better known as Racal Vodafone for some years, is one of the most popular telephone operators in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and much of Europe. It was founded by Gerry Whent and Ernest Harrison in 1982 in Berkshire, UK, as a small telecommunications company. However, thanks to the number of registered customers and the benefits offered to them, today it is considered the second largest telecommunications operator in the world.

The almost massive growth of the company is not at all counterproductive, on the contrary, it has allowed the telemarketer to expand the repertoire of its services, invest in cutting-edge technology and even distribute Vodafone mobiles. For this reason, this time we invite you to learn more about the company with the help of the following article, in which we will tell you about the services it offers, its rates and available mobiles.

What are Vodafone services?

Racal Vodafone began its journey in the world of telecommunications making use of some GEC radio technologies on the battlefield in 1980. But two years later, after studying the communications network in depth, the Racal Strategic Radio subsidiary receives a mobile phone license to operate in the UK.

From this achievement, the company progressed and constituted a wide range of services made up of:

Vodafone ADSL:

An alternative service to the fiber internet connection that we know today. It is generally a slower internet service compared to fiber optic internet. But, the company offers its service to those who cannot afford the latter, or cannot carry out the installation in the area in which they are located.

Vodafone Fiber Optic:

Fiber optic internet is the one that can be enjoyed with the help of a properly installed router. In the case of Vodafone, the service includes the internet connection, the router, the landline service with unlimited calls (to landlines and mobile phones within the country) and the installation of the service with a fixed rate.

Vodafone ADSL and Mobile:

This other service combines the first internet connection option offered by the company and the mobile phone service. By hiring it, you will be able to enjoy ADSL internet, landline phone service and mobile phone service.

Vodafone Fiber Optic and Mobile:

Instead, this plan combines the fiber optic internet connection service and the mobile phone service, offering faster internet browsing, landline phone service and mobile phone service.

Vodafone Internet and Television:

Another service that Vodafone offers is for those who want to surf the internet and watch cable television. Among the plans it offers is the Vodafone Internet and Television. Which unites both worlds looking for your internet browsing to be fast and you can enjoy better content on TV.

Vodafone Internet with Mobile and TV:

An alternative for those who wish to contract the previous service plan, but do not have a computer to surf the internet as we traditionally did, is this. A service that offers mobile browsing and TV.

In addition to the above services, Vodafone has plans to talk and surf. Enjoy 4G technology with the mobile and soon we hope that also 5G technology.

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Current Vodafone rates, is it worth hiring the service?

Now, after explaining the services that Vodafone offers. What are their rates and are they worth hiring them? The truth is that Vodafone handles different prepaid and post-paid rates that vary according to the service to be hired. In general, they can range prices such as:

Vodafone ADSL:

For now, the only plan available to the company for this service is the Vodafone ADSL up to 30 Mb. It costs 30.99 euros per month and includes the installation and opening / maintenance service of the line.

Vodafone Fiber Optic:

On the other hand, for this service you can find plans from 25.61 euros to 55.66 euros per month. The limits of each plan vary, but almost all include installation.

Vodafone ADSL and Mobile:

On the other hand, Vodafone has three ADSL and Mobile plans. It correspond to the basic service (47.99 euros), medium (57.99 euros) and Advanced (64.99 euros)

Checking Laptop Specification

Checking Laptop Specification

Laptop Specs

Checking Laptop Specification. Usually, there are not a few laptop users who don’t know how to checking laptop specifications. Even though getting the description is fairly easy and doesn’t need to take a long time.

The importance of checking laptop specification is of course to see the clarity of the status of the laptop itself. Usually, users also doubt the specifications in it that have been offered to the seller. Therefore it is mandatory if you want to buy a laptop, you must know the specifications in it directly.

So, you don’t worry about how to quickly see laptop specifications. For that you have to listen to the complete information below:

Talking about technology, the more sophisticated the specifications offered are, there is some important information in laptops that you can be sure to buy, namely, really check the RAM capacity and the type that is issued.

Make sure to check it as stated in the information letter, if you have no experience or don’t bring an experienced friend about this don’t worry. Because you can immediately take the steps as described here.

Using the Control Panel

First, of course, laptop users are familiar with this control panel feature. Which is operated using Windows then to find it must be with the right steps and the installation is not difficult.

The first step you must open in the start menu by right-clicking on the mouse, then select File Explorer. Every laptop or PC with a Windows operating system can access it via the Taskbar icon.

The next step is to use the Control Panel, the user can use the Properties menu on a laptop or PC. a simple way on the right screen laptop, press This PC. if you use the old windows then the computer name appears, then there is a properties option there and then you press it to be able to see the display page.

This time, the next page view will be seen in detail from the laptop specs that you use in Windows 10, but the information that can be seen here, although detailed is only the processor information, RAM capacity, and also the version of the operating system on the laptop used.

See Laptop Specifications on DxDiag

After taking steps to see the laptop specs from the Control Panel, this time you can use another fast method. Using via DxDiag. Windows 10 users must have heard of the Direct X program. This program is used by gamers to check VGA on laptops.

Besides, the Direct X program see what version of the laptop is using Windows, if you still don’t know the steps, don’t be confused. The complete tutorial is given here.

The step to open Run doesn’t need to open a lot of menus on the laptop. Just press the button on the Windows keyboard icon + R button together. Wait for the Run page to come out on your laptop screen.

Next, in the Run box, you wrote the name dxdiag. Then press OK on the command, and the diagnostic tool will automatically run.