Mi Watch Charging Cycles

Mi Watch Charging Cycles

Mi Watch charging cycles. After several weeks of use, I found that if a lot of notifications are activated – the clock can only last around a week if using an animated clock face. A static watch face can provide durability of around 10 days. For light use, such as limited notifications, the clock face that frequently changes from moving to static as well as infrequent exercise use – it can last for 14 days.


I tested this watch on an iPhone 12 Mini and it needs to be connected to the Xiaomi Wear Lite app. This application is easy to use and feels more professional. This hour is no longer using the Mi Fit app. This new app is similar to Zepp but with a more attractive design. Once again I repeat, it was cheerful.

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After a few weeks of using this watch, the Mi Watch provides a very interesting usage experience. It makes the day more cheerful, due to its easy -to -use interface, attractive functions and features as well as a wide selection of clocks. Xiaomi took a less risky step by introducing this watch as opposed to their Wear OS watch. But Xiaomi has proven, that they are also great at software development for wearable gadget.

With this, users will enjoy a more interesting, fast and smooth user experience compared to Wear OS which has a few unexpected problems. Then with an interface that looks similar to MIUI For Watch, later if their Wear OS watch is launched users will be more familiar and comfortable.

The selling price of this watch is RM469, which in my opinion is quite worth it. It is not very expensive and competes fiercely with Amazfit. For those who will later switch to Wear OS, if Xiaomi brings their Mi Watch Wear OS – this Mi Watch will be a starting point to Xiaomi’s wearable device ecosystem. It will familiarize users with a simple and easy -to -use interface, as well as suitable for use by everyone.

Amazfit is more of a premium use, looks elegant and slim. But the Amazfit battery is a bit weak for the GTR 2 and GTS 2; if you want long -lasting battery life choose the Mi Watch.

Wearing Mi Watch Is a Lot of Fun

Wearing Mi Watch Is a Lot of Fun

Wearing Mi Watch is a lot of fun, sports modes are also plentiful, sleep monitoring which I can say is quite accurate, able to detect the oxygen content in the blood, scan the pulse 24 hours a day, breathing exercise function and much more. Other functions such as weather, alarm, vibration are also included.


This watch gadget has a light vibration, but not good enough. It’s as if Xiaomi uses the Mi Band vibration engine and is loaded in a big clock. But it doesn’t matter, it’s worth the sale price. It also offers hundreds of interesting clock faces, from static to animated.

As for the exercise function, I can say it can be used in good condition. Good response time, easy to pause a workout or continue to stop and quickly displays data that users should know.

In my use for such a pulse scan, the results given are vastly different from the Mi Watch Lite. Mi Watch Lite is not accurate and seems to be problematic. I compared this Mi Watch with my TicWatch Pro 3, the pulse scan results are more or less the same. This means, the sensors used are useful and not just gimmicks.

For GPS, it is just for trip monitoring only such as when jogging, running, marathon and so on to see the trip in the form of a map. It cannot be used for intricate directions to a destination.

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This watch is comfortable in the hand, it has a rubbery texture, not so heavy but enough to feel there is a load on the hand. But when compared to the Amazfit which has a thinner, premium design and has faster performance – Xiaomi looks a bit cheerful. It’s more for casual and unpretentious use compared to the more classy Amazfit GTR 2 or GTS 2 series. I prefer the interface on the Mi Watch and the design on the Amazfit.

As for the battery, Xiaomi promises durability of up to 16 days for light use, 22 days of battery saving mode and 50 hours of heavy use with GPS as well as various sports modes. While receiving this watch, the battery status is 71%. The battery has run out after four days of light use.

Mi Watch Battery Capacity

Mi Watch Battery Capacity

Mi Watch battery capacity of 420mAh has its own charging dock, which to this day still does not have a specific standard for wearable devices such as the charging standard for smartphones. Even so, thankfully the charging method is simple and not tedious. For those who like to swim, this watch also has 5ATM water protection.
Usage Experience

My eyes are used to seeing the screens of watches like the Apple Watch, TicWatch Pro, Fossil or Amafit GTR 2/GTS 2. All these watches have beautiful screens, bright enough and satisfying for daily use in the long run. When Xiaomi brought in the cheaper Mi Watch, which is not the Wear OS -based version of MIUI for Watch – I was a bit skeptical of how it could satisfy my own use as well as whether the screen quality would be different?

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Screen Problem

The problem with the screen I found was that it was too flat. There is no denying that flat screens are beautiful, easy to care for and easy to find a solid screen protector. But, this Mi Watch software is still not mature enough to detect palms. The screen is frequently touched and changes the clock face and sometimes changes unwanted settings.

This is because, there are already many basic smartwatch gadget such as Realme Watch S, Amazfit Bip, Amazfit GTR, Huawei Watch GT or TicWatch GTS that use their own operating system. Yes, I’m familiar with the Mi Band – but how is Xiaomi’s iteration for a wearable device like this?

Surprisingly, Xiaomi is trying to bring an interface that is similar to MIUI for Watch. If you see an achah video or a reviewer review video that uses the MIUI for Watch version of Mi Watch, it’s very smooth. Although powered by an older generation processing chip, the launcher can still provide good animated transitions. On this Mi Watch I use, that’s how I feel. I can feel that this watch is like a Wear OS watch.

It was very smooth, very fast and very satisfying. And also has Tiles-like support, in which important applications are displayed in a simpler form with important data. It has a notification tray that displays notifications very clearly; a settings tray that displays shortcuts to Do Not Disturb, device search and so on. It also has an application tray displayed in the form of a grid. This is so easy!

Mi Watch Brief Review

Mi Watch Brief Review

Mi Watch Brief Review. Xiaomi is finally entering the smartwatch market. After years of focusing on Mi Band, they started competing with brands like Realme, Amazfit and Huawei. Even so, the Xiaomi smartwatch entering the Malaysian market is different from the one introduced in China.

In Malaysia, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a basic smartwatch like most Amazfit watches. While in China, the Mi Watch is a real smartwatch that runs MIUI for Watch based on Wear OS. The question is, is this Mi Watch smartwatch good enough? Which should Xiaomi bring in, Basic or Wear OS? This is my review article after weeks of using it.

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Specifications And Designs

Mi Watch uses a round, thick screen design, and even slightly cheerful colors. In a mocking image, it looks premium and luxurious. But when in hand, this watch looks a bit like a children’s watch or more suitable for teenagers. The frame of this watch is made of reinforced polyamide glass fiber, although sturdy it is still light at around 32g only. Matched with a watch strap made of TPU with a slightly rubbery surface.

When worn, it feels comfortable, not so heavy and not so light. It has a bit of a load that gives it the feeling as if in my hands this is a premium watch gadget. The screen of this watch measures 1.39-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 454 x 454. The screen is quite bright and beautiful. The colors are bright and every text and icon looks like looking at a TicWatch, Fossil or Samsung watch. The screen is also smooth to scroll, no time lag problems and very fast.

Xiaomi did not reveal the processing chip used, but it supports Bluetooth 5.0 network which is pretty good in power consumption. It also has an interesting sensor that allows me to do various things like scan pulse, gyroscope and accelerator for running or swimming, can check air pressure, there is an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness mode and also GPS to see travel while jogging and so on.

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Exaggerated Bass

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Exaggerated Bass

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Exaggerated Bass. The bass is so loud that it makes the whole listening experience so weird. The rumble doesn’t really give a feeling of excitement. Sub-bass is more roaring than mid-bass which is something less satisfying. The Hornet-3 is more of a 90s or early 2000s audio accessory sound, where whatever audio is played seems to be of low quality.

The Hornet-3 also has a problem where there seems to be a gap between the TWS and the ear. This makes the instrument difficult to identify just like the Hornet-1.

Since it also focuses on the first and low latency, so if just listen to play and chat from within the game – it does not matter. Latency is not so low, it’s fine. Only if searched, there will be a slight time lag between visual and audio.


The Hornet-1 claims to have a durability of 5 hours with continuous use and 10 hours with a charger pod. The Hornet-3, on the other hand, has 8 hours of continuous durability and 24 hours with a charging pod. Both of these TWSs can be charged via USB-C, which has been standard for TWSs for the next two years.

Battery, not a problem for this TWS. This is because of Bluetooth 5.0. Throughout the experience of testing audio accessories, many of the battery issues were TWS with the old -fashioned Bluetooth chip only. So using this TWS Hornet series will not give battery problems. Only the charging time is a bit long, as it does not support fast charging standards.

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As a brand that sells budget-priced gaming gadget, the build quality of the Hornet-1 and Hornet-3 is already to be expected. But at the very least, give it a design that is comfortable to use such as copying a design that is more familiar to the public-for example the AirPods Pro design. The design and construction of these OEM products from China may be difficult to attract customers. It also does not have any ecosystem to make people enjoy it.

Extremely poor audio quality and disappointing user experience – this is the worst audio product ever tested. Imagine, the first generation Redmi AirDots which is now priced at around RM70 only has better audio quality. The selling price of the Hornet-1 is RM199.90 and the Hornet-3 at RM299.90, it is very expensive and very not worth it. Audio accessories under RM90 are plentiful in the market in the form of TWS and it has much better quality.

Avoid buying this product, if you do not want to have a regrettable experience. But if you’re loyal to the Armaggeddon brand and are already familiar with their other gaming stuff, for vocals and low latency – that’s the strength of this true wireless.

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Audio Quality

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Audio Quality

Armaggeddon Hornet 3 and 1 Audio Quality. This TWS has absolutely no bass, it is very flat and empty. At mid-bass there is a bit of a bang, but the user has to look for the bang and if you hear it just like that-all the music sounds weird. Mids are also very weird where the vocals become high pitched and unpleasant as well as unnatural. It feels like audio generated from a computer. The vocals as a whole can be heard clearly, but there are no good details. It is more useful for phone calls only. This makes sense, as Armaggeddon puts on a box that TWS’s vocals are obvious.

At highs as well, at high tones there is distortion and very noisy. The instrument is also unclear and very uncomfortable to use. It is also vague and very annoying. On audio staging, it is also fibrous with all the instruments as if played at a small angle. Listening to music with this TWS gadget is like entering a Ramadan bazaar, where there are many people and it is very noisy.

The slow ballad music is quite tasty, but the over -amplified vocals make each of the music lack definition and difficult to enjoy it calmly.

First play, stream music or video – Armaggeddon’s claims are true. It has a low latency. But there is still a time lag between visual and audio if searched.

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Comfort is important for audio accessories, but similar to the Hornet-1-the Hornet-3 is also not very comfortable with a bold design. But it’s light, that’s good – but it’s useless if it’s light but uncomfortable. Listening to music on the Hornet-3 is also unpleasant.

At highs it drowns out with other frequencies making listening to high -pitched music downright unpleasant. The high -pitched sound is quiet only as if it cannot reach the level it should have reached. Switch to vowels, where it’s a little bit acceptable. Like the Hornet-1, the Hornet-3 also focuses on vocals. The audio result is a bit like a robot because there seems to be interference, because the resulting audio is unnatural. The whole vowel is a little deep as if it were a sound from the stomach.

But the vocals are good enough if just listening to a short podcast or answering a phone call.

Armaggeddon Hornet 1 and 3 Brief Review

Armaggeddon Hornet 1 and 3 Brief Review

Armaggeddon Hornet 1 and 3 Brief Review. Armaggeddon is a fairly well -known brand of gaming goods, due to its very affordable selling price. Its very cheap selling price, it allows new users who want to seriously play the game have enough adequate accessories as a starting point. From keyboards, mice, speakers, displays to audio – it’s all there.

For the first time, Armaggeddon comes with its own TWS after many premium brands came up with their respective wireless earphone sets that are also suitable for playing video games. There are two models, namely the Hornet-3 and also the Hornet-1. The question is, is this TWS good enough and is it worth owning?

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Specifications And Designs

As always, Armaggeddon loves to use designs that are cliché and familiar to look at. This is because, their goods are more of rebranded OEM goods. Only Armaggeddon has put their identity and great functions and features to satisfy the hearts of users. Both TWS Hornets from them focus more on the first and low latency, so it also focuses on good vocals. Both TWSs use dynamic audio drivers, the Hornet-1 with 10mm and the Hornet 3 have 4 x 6 audio drivers of the same type.

The loaded battery is 35mAh for both earphones on the Hornet-1 with 375mAh on the charger pod. The Hornet-3 is 50mAh and 600mAh. Both use USB-C and have SBC codec support and also support some touch controls press and hold or press multiple times such as 2x or 3x.

The Hornet-1 uses a concept design similar to the old generation AirPods. The design is similar to most AirPods clones on the market, but is black with a large, long charger pod size to hold extra buttons as well as LED indication lights. Because it is an earpod type and not an in -ear type, it comes off easily. It’s also a bit light, but less comfortable and feels a little awkward.

The Hornet-3 has a more aggressive design with a more identity towards gaming. It was quite large and bulging out and very uncomfortable. The unit we received was also a little weird as the eyes were easily sticky with various dusts. This sleek design looks like this TWS has a professional audio driver, but the build quality is very poor and very low.

Thanks for reading this gaming gadget review.

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Ionic and Anion

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Ionic and Anion

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Ionic and Anion. Upon the occurrence of electron transfer, it forms a bond and this bond is ionic or nonionic in the Malay language. Anions are negatively charged ions in which molecules or atoms receive extra electrons and move towards the anode during the electrolysis process.

In hair dryers, the use of ionic is no longer foreign. It is commonly found on many branded or expensive hair dryers. Like the anion process, ionic hair dryers perform the process of transferring negatively charged ions to the hair to attract positively charged ions that are in the water when the hair is wet – so that the drying process is faster. Not only that, it also covers the hair cuticle to retain moisture.

Is this true? Yes, my hair and scalp dry quickly and once I say this is my favorite hair dryer.

Controls And Extras

Control is easy with just one button and also one switch. The switch is to turn on/off and change the wind strength level and the button is to change the temperature with just one press. Around the temperature control button there is an LED light to indicate which one the user is using.

Speaking of LEDs, on the lattice side of the hair dryer there is a white LED light for extra lighting. It is not bright enough and for what? I will not use a hair dryer in the dark. Maybe to shoot the wind into dust or insects?

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The experience of using Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 is satisfying and is among the best I have ever used. Lightweight construction, gives grip and is easy to store quite well. What makes this hair dryer my favorite is, the multiple temperature controls that make it easy for a variety of hairstyles as well as finishes.

Within 15 minutes of use, this hair dryer does not heat up and can be used without any problems. What I don’t like about this product is the easily removable nozzles and the white color which is very easy to get dirty. Others are no problem. With a selling price of RM129, it is neither expensive nor cheap. Many ionic hair dryers are priced around RM100.

Xiaomi’s strengths are in its more recognizable brands, there are reliable physical stores and online stores as well as modern and stylish futuristic designs. Xiaomi also has more control than other brands whose price is more or less the same but one temperature.

Thanks for reading this gadget review article.

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Usage Experience

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Usage Experience

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Usage Experience. In my entire life, this is the third hair dryer I have. The first is the unbranded cheap ones, whose temperature is inconsistent and easily heats up and stagnates when used for too long. The second is Xiaomi, but the import set is kind of foldable. Also white like this, only it can’t control the temperature. Then the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 is the third, which is my favorite so far.

As a hair care person, I use a lot of products like hair oils of various types according to the situation or for a man who changes his hairstyle from the way he combs, short or long type hair-hair dryers like this are quite interesting. Usually any person can just use any type of hair dryer. But need to choose carefully, because some who can not control the temperature will heat up and can burn, damaged hair, heat up to not be able to hold or injured scalp.

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The Power

The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 has a power of 1600W with a wind speed of 20m/s produced from 7-blade aerophiles with less power consumption. As I said earlier, this Xiaomi hair dryer has good control for temperature and wind speed. For temperatures it is hot, warm around 57 degrees and also cold with two levels of wind that can be changed such as strong or cool winds.

What is the point of different temperatures? Isn’t it cold that can’t be dried? Isn’t hot or at least lukewarm best? Depending on the type of hair and how to use, I use the hottest level to dry the hair so that the scalp also dries quickly. This hot temperature my variable wind level started strongly and after I was almost dry I finish with a cool breeze. I also use hot temperature + cool breeze to style my hair before wiping the oil.

Then I use a warm temperature while combing the hair with a gentle wind power until done; and I finish with a cold temperature again with the lowest wind power.

Thanks for reading this gadget review article.

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Brief Review

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Brief Review

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 Brief Review. Xiaomi in China is really great, this is because they have a wide range of products so all their products are complete for a Xiaomi branded home. Imagine, it’s all Xiaomi! Refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, sinks, fans, air conditioners, sofas, beds, vacuums, lighting devices, and more.

But unfortunately in Malaysia, such products are limited and only a handful are brought in. That is also something that is not smart. In Malaysia, Xiaomi has already started selling several vacuums, hair dryers and many other household items. Recently, they sell Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 which is a hair dryer with various temperatures and very easy to use for styling hair. This item arrived at Amanz Labs and we put it in the #BRB segment – Good Home Goods. Is it good enough? Is it worth it? Or just a regular hair dryer with the Xiaomi brand? This is a review.

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Specifications And Designs

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 is a basic hair dryer only, which is not the smart type. But for a small, compact and lightweight size, this hair dryer is quite powerful and has some useful features and functions. First of all, it is very well built and looks like a premium hairdressing product. It is a plastic with a white UV paint finish. Here the shortcomings begin to appear, as the white color used is a dull type on the body and the nozzles are slightly brighter as if transparent. Because of that, it easily catches various types of dirt such as climbs or sweat.

Interesting with this finish is, it has a good grip and in contrast to most hair dryers with a shiny finish that is easy to scratch. Second, it only has one nozzle and it is very easy to detach on its own. The convenience is to easily rotate in various directions to suit the use of different users. But annoying when it keeps unplugged. The whole of this hair dryer including the nozzles is only 498 grams, which is quite light and easy to use. The hands are not sluggish, it is easy to store and also easy to carry anywhere.

Thanks for reading this gadget review article.

Philips 3200 LatteGo is a Gadget for Spesific People

Philips 3200 LatteGo is a Gadget for Spesific People

Philips 3200 LatteGo is a Gadget for Spesific People. If you are not careful to pass the settings, another task for this machine – this is not for you either. In fact, this machine is a machine that is suitable to be placed at events, open houses, small offices or who knows if you want something different – a Hari Raya banquet? If only we could celebrate Raya.

The highest compliment we give to this machine is the LatteGo system. The best milk foaming system that is present is directly built -in. In fact it’s good enough, brew coffee with another machine and use LatteGo for more satisfying enjoyment. Hopefully Philips can release devices specifically for LatteGo only, such as the Aeroccino Milk Frother offered by Nespresso. So let’s use this great function with other coffee gadget.

Easy cleaning, easy servicing, modular components are all very helpful. But the rest of the coffee is not so nice and smells strong. As said earlier, if not diligent – there will be an odor or it may be damaged.

The selling price is RM3,599 which is quite expensive. Even coffee machines that are more in demand by hardcore coffee enthusiasts like Breville, or more specifically the Barista Expresso model are available at prices below RM3000. The only disadvantage is no milking system and using manual methods. Maybe the expensive thing here is the milk system alone? For the price to reach RM3000 and the taste of coffee that can be, it is not worth it.

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Offers 5 types of coffee with just the press of the coffee button you want to produce.
Try well to attract hardcore coffee fans with a variety of controls from aroma, amount of minerals and more.
Built -in water filter to keep drinking plain water.
Modular system that is easy to clean and repair.
The best LatteGo system with milk quality to taste.


The inconsistent taste of coffee, which is sometimes bitter or not if the use of special coffee beans special taste can not be enjoyed.
Some control buttons have no labels, easily confusing.
The blender is only adjustable after it is turned on.
The milk system has no convenient funnel.
Coffee residue is too slimy, smells strong and moist.

Thanks for reading this Philips gadget review.

Philips 3200 LatteGo is Not Recommended For Coffee Expert

Philips 3200 LatteGo is Not Recommended For Coffee Expert

Philips 3200 LatteGo is Not Recommended For Coffee Expert. If a regular consumer tries it will not be able to differentiate which coffee beans are premium and which are cheap. There is also a problem where the taste of coffee has a different bitterness. So, this coffee machine is more suitable for those who do not care what coffee beans they want to use. Oh yes, this machine can also determine the amount of minerals in the water which helps coffee fans. Some coffee enthusiasts state that the lower the amount the better the coffee tastes. But if it’s a personal opinion, I don’t really care.

With the attractive LatteGo milk system, the milk is always hot and the foam is also as consistent as a professional barista’s produce. The delicious -looking milk, the creamy fat makes the coffee water with milk on this machine look appetizing. The ability to heat milk while foaming at the same rate is always much appreciated. Coffee gadget usually only have a funnel to release steam to heat and and produce froth, which if too long the milk can be windy and unpalatable or the foam does not become because the up and down movement of the funnel is not always the same. LatteGo solves this problem.

The downside of the Philips 3200 LatteGo is no crema which is the last drop of a more concentrated coffee blend. This machine cannot produce crema, while my cheaper Nrespresso coffee machine can. Some people may ignore this, but those who appreciate this quality coffee may be important.

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This machine gives a fine experience. But for a machine like this, the settings are a bit tedious and the installation is also confusing. Although the buttons are not many, because some of the buttons are adjustable type – if you press the wrong press the coffee we already like can no longer be produced. With inconsistent coffee production or blending, the coffee tastes more; or less the same even using special coffee beans – this is not a machine for hardcore coffee enthusiasts. For those who serve casual coffee, this may be for you if; if you are diligent in washing, service at least once every two to three weeks. It will make this machine a commitment.

Philips 3200 LatteGo Disadvantages

Philips 3200 LatteGo Disadvantages

Philips 3200 LatteGo Disadvantages. Espresso, Hot Water, Cappuccino, Coffee, Latte Macchiato and Americano are the types of drinks produced. So depending on the consumer and individual tastes, each of these types of drinks can be modified. Except for hot water, what can be changed? But, other types of coffee drinks can all change. But once changed, you have to reset and save because if changed the saved profile continues to disappear.

This coffee gadget also has a built -in coffee bean blender. It’s just, this blender is a bit stupid. Usually, coffee enthusiasts have a certain level of how their coffee beans want to be ground. Because it will give different pleasures, also different ways of blending. This Philips 3200 LatteGo, can only adjust the range level after the range button is start.

Simple Things

The other simple things are the milk system, the filter, and the cleaning process. Its milking system automatically produces consistent foam, meanwhile it can also heat up. The water filter is easy to clean. Like most water filters, if it’s time – the filter needs to be replace. With a modular hardware system, each component is easily remove for washing, servicing or repair. But be careful to avoid touching sensitive parts.

Most annoying is the tray or container where the coffee residue is discard. It dries slowly and makes this residue sticky, slimy and a bit amused. It also has a strong coffee smell that is unpleasant if not wash.

Even so, if the water is running low, the waste container is full or even parts are not install tightly and tightly – even in the eyes of the user as if everything is in good condition there will be an indication light for warning. This simplifies and helps the user not only to maintain cleanliness, but also to take good care of this machine.

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Can the taste of coffee compete with legit coffee?

The taste of coffee is very important. Hardcore fans can differentiate each flavor precisely, looking for a specific aroma, the specialty of the coffee bean, the flavor of the fruit available, the degree of bitterness, melt to sweet to yummy or not are all important. In the market there are many coffee beans for sale and everything is different. But with this coffee machine, it doesn’t matter how expensive the coffee beans are bought-the taste of coffee is more or less the same taste of coffee served in hotels, waiting rooms, events and more.

Only hardcore fans can tell the difference, unfortunately this machine does not appreciate the quality of coffee beans well. Even our colleagues who are more knowledgeable about coffee beans also say the difference is there, but little. If compare to other coffee machines with more or less the same price, the specialty of the coffee can be distinguish even more.

Philips 3200 LatteGo Installation And Settings

Philips 3200 LatteGo Installation And Settings

Philips 3200 LatteGo Installation And Settings. A coffee machine like this is supposed to make it easy for everyone. But whether you are a hardcore coffee fan or not, the installation and setup process of this machine is difficult to do. Even more so our unit that didn’t come with a handbook. But refer to the site with a different PDF file, other countries other setting methods.

At first we were a bit confused and deadlocked. After completion, the settings on each type of coffee must be done. If not, every time you want to make coffee will need to do this process one by one. Set the type of drink such as latte for example, select the aroma of coffee, water level, temperature etc.-press and hold the mode for this setting to be saved. So the next coffee is only once you press to get the coffee that suits your taste.

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The Process

This process we do many times, try and error to understand each mode and save the best coffee settings for us to enjoy. For a machine that is “premium” and should be in the category of a convenient machine, the initial use of this machine is quite disappointing.

What’s Smart And Is It Easy To Use?

As mentioned earlier, installation and setup is indeed difficult and confusing. Only after completion, then this machine becomes an automatic coffee machine as advertised. However, this coffee machine is not that smart. The majority of control is from the users themselves. It has no Bluetooth support, not in the category of connected gadget, but only coffee machines.

While it is a touch control, each label, indication etc. is more to their own terms. For example the coffee aroma button is for the amount of coffee beans you want to use. Then the hardness of water is the amount of water and there are also other buttons that only use the logo and are easily misunderstood by users because there is no label. Over the course of several weeks of use, many times we also read the PDF handbooks available on the website.

Philips 3200 LatteGo Brief Review

Philips 3200 LatteGo Brief Review

Philips 3200 LatteGo Brief Review. Coffee is a caffeinated beverage that is served in a variety of ways such as thick and bitter, liquid, milky, sugary, hot or cold and more. Coffee is also available in various types such as instant, capsule, or even the method favored by hardcore coffee enthusiasts – manual. Manual usually starts from roasting coffee beans, grinding, and then blending. But the manual method is also getting easier with a variety of machines, gadgets and equipment on the market.

Coffee beans also have a large selection of branded ones, from their own cafes and more. In the office, many people are interested in drinking coffee, but more because they are busy working, there is no time to do the manual process for a more delicious coffee taste. Therefore, we took the step to try out the coffee machine from Philips – Philips 3200 LatteGo. Does this coffee gadget help? Is it easy to use? What about the taste of coffee? What coffee can this machine produce? This is our review article.

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This Philips 3200 LatteGo is a large automatic coffee machine. It has many great functions and features that try to impress coffee fans. Anyone who doesn’t like one machine can make all kinds of coffee? This machine alone can produce six different types of drinks with a variety of customization options including from the quantity of coffee, milk, water level and many more. This machine also brings support of 15 bar pressure, which in our opinion is not very good because the pressure seems to be less than 15 bar – it is quite weak. The machine also has a special container for milk to foam milk with a size of 260mL which is quite large.

The water tank can store 1.8L with AquaClean filter support. So the filling of tap water is not a problem. If you just want to drink hot water, it’s okay. The coffee bean compartment combined with the blender section is capable of holding 275g of coffee. It is also airtight and has an ultraviolet lighting system for long -lasting cleanliness and durability.

The design of this coffee machine is just ordinary, nothing unique other than the interior that uses a modular system. It simplifies the process of cleaning, servicing and repairing. The top surface like most coffee machines now, can heat the cup. The coffee water outlet can also be modified according to cup size, tray for dripping coffee waste, as well as capacitive touch control.

Huawei Band 6 Minimal Style

Huawei Band 6 Minimal Style

Huawei Band 6 Minimal Style. Even so, it’s neat and simple. It’s just that it’s too much and can only be arranged to look more minimal. The Mi Fit or Xiaomi Wear app is much more comfortable. All data is accessible from this application, for users to view, monitor and draw conclusions about daily or weekly activities. Only, this Huawei Health application if used gives you the feeling as if something is wrong.

For regular users, all the data listed in the application is easy to read. Even iOS apps are much smoother. Use is also more comfortable and easier to understand. Not sure why this is.

The app also has internal ads, where Huawei gadget promotes its own products and services. It’s a good feature, but not required. If the clock does not activate automatic sports mode, it can only be accessed manually from within the application.

On Android, if the Huawei Band 6 isn’t tethered – it can display site number notifications using the phone’s sensor only. it can be turned off, but the data is also combined in a single chart.

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Conclusion, Should I Buy?

Among the health trackers that have just been launched in Malaysia are the Huawei Band 6, Mi Smart Band 6 and also the Oppo Band. Huawei is the most premium and expensive with a price of RM219. Other brands sell for under RM200. For the offerings that Huawei brings, large screen, ok applications, adequate sensors and a fairly satisfactory user experience – the Huawei Band 6 is undeniably among the best.

But when using it, it feels empty. The watch face is too cheerful and not suitable for professional users. Considering that Xiaomi sells for RM189 and has much better features and functions, in my opinion the Mi Smart Band 6 is more worth it.

But, if you are a user of Huawei products and want to continue your lifestyle with the Huawei ecosystem – this health tracker is for you.


Large screen packed with content
Pretty smooth performance
Compact with attractive sensors comparable to competitors
Easy to operate


Apps are a bit harder to use on Android than iOS
The choice of clock face is not attractive
Notifications cannot be controlled/responded to, just look
The watch strap is difficult to change

Huawei Band 6 Touchscreen Review

Huawei Band 6 Touchscreen Review

Huawei Band 6 Touchscreen Review. The controls on the screen and using the buttons are just fine, no serious problems at all. But because it is too basic, after using it for about a week it starts to feel boring. There is no factor that can make me gape with excitement.

Maybe I’m too familiar with the Mi Smart Band, I feel this Huawei Band is bored. Well, the first issue I trashed was the cheap vibration. The vibration response of this product is very weak. It’s like a cheap gadget with a vibration engine that’s about to break down. It makes the wrists feel amused.

Activity Tracking

The second is that the automatic activity tracking mode is too limited for certain activities only. When running, the pulse scans and the number of sites are not very satisfactory compared to competitors. But the amount of data that can be recorded is amazing and all the data there is notice to explain further details.

Then what I don’t like about the Huawei Band 6 is the inefficient notification giving. Yes, understand this is basic so notifications cannot be answered. But to scroll is difficult. Although it is smooth and fast, there are still a few issues making the software performance not so good.

Through magnetic charging with a special dock, the Huawei Band 6 supports up to 14 days of durability. That’s possible if the savings are crazy, because in my tests regular daily use makes battery life only around a week.

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What Can You Do With The Application?

The app for tethering this product to the device is Huawei Health. It supports on Android as well as iOS. This app is an app with a bad user experience. It not only needs to be updated from the Play Store, because if a new version is already installed – there will be an update from within the app to list other Huawei products.

Huawei Band 6 Health Tracking Design

Huawei Band 6 Health Tracking Design

Huawei Band 6 Health Tracking Design. There is no denying that the overall design is standard for health trackers. But the curved shape and large screen size are Huawei’s strengths. It is also comfortable to use for long periods of time and does not easily itch the skin like the Mi Smart Band 6. Due to this uniqueness, it becomes a disadvantage due to the design that has been recycled since time immemorial. Although there are changes, but if only small changes and do not make an impact – Huawei Band 6 if seen will feel a little bored.

What’s New?

It can be said that there is nothing new. Huawei Band 6 is more of a rebranding of Honor Band 6 for the Malaysian market. It’s just that Huawei hasn’t had a health tracker like this for a long time, so for it to come back – it can be said that Huawei has a wearable gadget product that is a little fresher.

Accelerator sensors are included for activity tracking functions, optical sensors are for pulse scans, SpO2 sensors, 96 sports modes, menstrual cycle monitoring, and more can all be used on this small product. Using a stand -alone system, the fourth version of Huawei TrueScreen pulse scanning is used for better data. Huawei TrueSleep 2.0 for sleep monitoring and finally Huawei TruRelax for stress monitoring.

Basic features and functions like music play, weather, notifications, alarms, phone calls, camera shutter control can all be used well. Oh yes, out of the 96 sports modes just now – 11 modes are new and some of them can be activated automatically.

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Still Great Or…?

Greatness is is smooth and fast. Makes the experience of handling this product pretty good, But alas, it’s not that great and overly basic. Basics where it can’t compete with Mi Smart Band 6 such as user -friendly interface, faster animation transitions; more responsive touch and many also missing features.

Huawei Band 6 Brief Review

Huawei Band 6 Brief Review

Huawei Band 6 Brief Review. Huawei is no longer a popular brand, since their devices do not have GMS support. Even so, in Malaysia many new Huawei products launched in China – will continue to be offered. In fact, Malaysia is now one of the first countries globally to receive new Huawei products such as the Vision S smart screen, Huawei Band 6, MateStation and more.

At Amanz Labs, the Huawei Band 6 has arrived almost a month ago. After using it for so long – I can say that this health tracker is one of Huawei’s best products. It’s much less with Huawe WatchFit last year, but smaller and more affordable.


Like most health trackers, the Huawei Band 6 also has many features and functions similar to the Mi Smart Band. There are dozens of sports modes, a sleep monitoring system, all -day SpO2 scans, pulse scans, a two -week battery and a sizable and bright OLED screen. The screen size is 1.47-inches, the frame is aluminum, the shape is slightly curved for more ergonomics on the wrist and the watch strap is also more comfortable.

Speaking of watch straps, Huawei is still using the same concept over the years. it is difficult to remove when compared to competitors. The construction material of the watch strap is silicone rubber, the screen resolution is 194 x 368 pixels, there are physical buttons on the side, using Bluetooth 5.0, and also 5ATM protection.

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Looks The Same But Not

Like I said earlier, the Huawei Band 6 looks just like the Huawei WatchFit – but it’s actually not. Design yes, maybe more or less. But WatchFit is much smoother and faster. The operating system used is its own, not Harmony OS. It’s more basic, feels empty and is simpler to use.

The insanely large screen size, capable of displaying more content such as messages can be read more easily, touch controls are more efficient, and the lightweight build makes users unaware that there is a wearable gadget at hand.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Battery Quality

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Battery Quality

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Battery Quality. We don’t know what the actual life of the SmartTag battery is because we didn’t find it on Samsung’s official site. Other sites say the battery life is between 100-280 days. Battery levels can be checked via the SmartThings app. However, we feel it is not very helpful because it displays Sufficient when the battery is in the range of 100% – 16%, Low (15% – 6%) and Very Low (5% – 0%). We don’t know what the actual battery level of the SmartTag is after three weeks of use. When finished, the process of replacing the CR2032 battery is not burdensome because it is sold at a price as low as RM2 per grain.

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As a forgetful human being, the SmartTag is a device that is now becoming necessary in daily life. During the three weeks it was used, no more problems were forgotten where car keys and smartphones were placed. The main problem is that it only supports Samsung smartphones at the moment. Without it SmartTag will not work.

For those who fall into the category of humans with goldfish memory, we recommend purchasing it as it is well worth it. At a price of RM99 for one or RM159 for a pair, we feel it is worth it to resolve the issue that can cause a house to sink when the object to be sought cannot be found. An alternative on the market is Tile which offers similar features but is operating system agnostic but is sold at a slightly more expensive price.


The body with the dull packaging is not easily scratched or traps dirt.
Works well for tracking lost objects or locating lost phones.
Small size that does not cause discomfort when in the pocket.
Built -in lock loop – No need to buy additional accessories.
A very loud ringing.
The battery is durable and inexpensive to replace.


Can only be used by Samsung smart gadget.
The lock loop is made of plastic whose long -term durability is questionable.
Does not have any waterproof capability.
Requires a Samsung network of devices to track lost items.

Tips to Losing Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Tips to Losing Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Tips to Losing Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. What happens when a lost item with a SmartTag is out of the owner’s bluetooth coverage? According to Samsung the location of the SmartTag can still be tracked when it is near another Samsung Galaxy device. The location will be updated on the SmartThings map when this happens. In this situation to retrace the lost item the owner has to hope that found it using a Samsung gadget.

Unlike the AirTag, Samsung does not provide NFC support on the SmartTag which allows devices with NFC scanners to read the owner’s stored address and phone number. In our opinion, this feature should be borrowed from AirTag as it allows anyone to get owner information when an object tracker marks it as missing.

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Search Feature

The search feature using augmented reality Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is not supported on SmartTag. If this is a feature you really need, we recommend SmartTag+ which is currently not yet offered in Malaysia. With UWB the actual position of the missing object can be tracked more accurately complete with directions in the SmartThings app.

Another feature that can be done is to search for smartphones using SmartTag as long as there is a bluetooth connection. The phone will ring when the SmartTag button is pressed twice. If you’ve ever owned a Samsung smartwatch, this feature is the same as Find My Phone. The device will still ring loudly even if it is placed in mute or DND mode.

Another additional feature is the activation of connected devices (IOT) used under the SmartThings umbrella. Users can activate the connected device at home as soon as the SmartTag button is pressed for a second. For example home lights and air conditioners in the house can be activated with the press of a button. We are unable to test this feature because we do not have any Samsung connected devices at home at this time.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Usage And Software

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Usage And Software

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Usage And Software. Start first with a little bad news. Currently SmartTag can only used on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This is because it requires Samsung SmartThings support built into every device of their release. The move taken by Samsung is similar to Apple which only allows devices in their ecosystem to use used object trackers.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, the process of activating SmartTag is very simple. Immediately after being removed from the box the user simply needs to press the SmartTag button and a screen displays its image on the phone screen. Follow the instructions given to name it and the SmartTag will registered to the owner’s Samsung account.

During the registration process, the user only needs to set on the object whether it will bound. There are options for pets, luggage, bikes, umbrellas, car keys and much more. Samsung has listed the wallet in this list but as we said in the previous paragraph the SmartTag is too thick to stored comfortably in it.

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Once registered, the SmartTag will listed under the Devices option on the device notification tray along with other smart gadget that have previously tethered to the device. As long as it is still within bluetooth coverage (up to 20 meters); the SmartTag icon will displayed with a color indicating it still has an active tether.

In SmartThings the owner can view the location, perform a nearby search (Search Nearby), navigate to the last location it detected; and sound an alarm to facilitate the search process. The SmartTag ring is extremely loud with 10 alarm sounds provided as an option. Using this alarm feature is more effective than the nearby search feature which we feel is less accurate.

It is highly dependent on the strength of the bluetooth signal. A green loop indicating inconsistent bluetooth signal strength. Sometimes it shows the maximum signal when the SmartTag is next to the device; and sometimes an incomplete signal is displayed with the device in the same location.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Design Advantage

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Design Advantage

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Design Advantage. Tile also has advantages as it is offered in various sizes and thicknesses. There are models that are thin enough to fit into a wallet. SmartTag is too inflatable like a pillow to put in a wallet. If you do this the wallet will inflate so it is uncomfortable to be placed in a pocket especially on the back.

This relatively inflatable design is used because of the replaceable battery. This is the advantage of SmartTag when compared to Tile which is a disposable gadget that when the battery runs out needs to be replaced with a new one. SmartTag uses a CR2032 flat battery that supplies power for up to 300 days before it needs to be replaced.

Why doesn’t Samsung use rechargeable batteries? No answer is given but it is possible to reduce cost and thickness. If the charger port and charging mechanism are included SmartTag may be more boroi than the design used now.

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Body Material

The whole body is made of plastic with a faded finish. This is the best option as it is not scratchy at all after we use it for three weeks and we are human beings with a reputation like monkeys getting flowers. Not only is it hard to scratch it also doesn’t trap dirt like a magnet. We’re sure you’ve read the Apple AirTag report that scratches the balar after only a few hours of use. This issue did not appear directly during the SmartTag review period.

The issue for us is that the SmartTag does not come with any waterproof and dust resistance. During the weather review period in Malaysia it was heavy rain (sometimes storms) in the evening. When going to the Ramadan Market, we need to be careful to keep our hands dry before removing the key with the SmartTag from the pocket for fear it will cause damage to the tracker. While there is no official IP standard, we found that if it’s just a splash of water, the SmartTag is tight enough to prevent water from entering the interior space that houses the battery.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Brief Review

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Brief Review

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Brief Review. At 42, I can already be categorized as a vintage human being. The head of the knee is already loose, the stomach is already bulging like an E-Honda, the ears are getting deaf and the memory is getting failing. Of the four things that happen after entering Series-4 it is the memory that is no longer as good as before is the most annoying thing. A phone that failed to be found at home is an incident that I can say happens at least once a day. Most embarrassing is that sometimes it is in the pants pocket but not felt.

When this happens, I will use the Find My Device feature for Android devices; and Find My for Apple -owned devices. This requires me to have another device to activate ringing on the missing device. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler system for memory problems as bad as goldfish in this aquarium?

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Specifications And Designs

If you are a user of Samsung gadget, the answer is SmartTag which was first offered in Malaysia since last February. It is a bluetooth location tracker device with various additional features that give it an edge over other trackers on the market; such as Tile and AirTag which were just launched a few weeks ago.

SmartTag is made of plastic with a black body or Oatmeal. In a rectangular shape equal to the rounded sides. It reminds us of a pillow cookie but with a hook hole that allows it to be connected to a house key coil; or attached to a necklace around a pet’s neck. At the top there is a multi -function physical button and at the bottom there is a hole for speakers.

With this design no additional accessories need to be purchased separately by SmartTag users. Samsung took the same steps as Tile and it is more practical than the steps taken by Apple AirTag. But we still feel the Tile design is more user friendly; because first and foremost is the user of the metal loops on the outside. It is more durable for a long time. From personal experience having a plastic connection key ring, it will become brittle after a few years. The future of SmartTag looks a little bleak because of this used plastic loop part.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Verdicts

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Verdicts

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Verdicts. If you’re familiar with any health tracker, everyone knows for sure nothing is really accurate. Mi Band on my frugality has good site tracking. It can be in the category. Then from within the Xiaomi Wear app or in iOS, Xiaomi Wear Lite – each tracking and monitoring mode has additional details that are clearer and the data is easier to read and understand by users.

Regardless of pulse, SpO2, breathing etc are all interesting to look at. For sleep monitoring, here Xiaomi has a strange conclusion. Already slept for a few hours, and sometimes even slept longer than usual – the conclusion given is not enough sleep. So not so sure what Xiaomi wants? Is sleeping forever, that is, dying, the only conclusion of adequate sleep?

While the health tracker is a cheap/budget/affordable/basic wearable gadget, Xiaomi lags slightly behind Amazfit in overseas markets. For example, Mi Band still does not offer a digital assistant and in Malaysia there is no NFC support for unlocking smart door knobs or cashless payments.

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Mi Smart Band 6 is a good and quite satisfying health tracker. But, the large screen and no more capacitive control buttons make the use a little weird for those already using the Mi Band 2. It uses full gesture controls like scroll up, down or sideways. It took about 4-5 days for me to get used to. Others are still great.

Even so, Mi Band 5 users are not encouraged to switch to Mi Band 6 as there is no significant difference and it will change your user experience. On the other hand Mi Band 6 is for Mi Band 4 users, or Mi Band 3 and below only.

After using the Oppo Band, Mi Band 6 and Huawei Band 6, I would say a better experience is still won by Xiaomi. Big screen to Huawei, Oppo – hard to rate because based on the specs it is the weakest.

The battery is also still more or less the same, capable of lasting a maximum of 14 days or extreme use as many notifications will last around 10 days. Then charging is also more efficient, where the device does not need to be removed from the watch strap. Huawei and Oppo need to.