We're celebrating the holiday season with a five part gift guide for every kind of LUNATIK user. Today, we're looking out for the artists and designers among us. 

One of the best things about our LUNATIK Touch Pen is that it can work on touchscreen surfaces but also writes with ink, making it the perfect accessory for the analog/digital workflow so common in the lives of today's artists and designers. While the iPad is a powerful creative tool, we believe that working with real materials should never go away.  If you've got someone creative in mind this holiday, why not foster the digital/analog process by giving a mix of both kinds of tools,  such as the LUNATIK Touch Pen, a Moleskine iPad case that also holds a notebook, top quality pencils and erasers, and other tools useful around the studio or in the field?

Browse our picks below and click on the captions for links to purchase. If you haven't already seen it, check out the LUNATIK Gift Guide Part One, for kids!

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